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Worried public angry over Ebola patients

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The images look like a scene from a movie about a deadly outbreak.

An ambulance, guarded by a police escort, rushes to the hospital and medical teams, dressed in protective suits, carry a desperately ill patient inside to prevent a terrifying disease from spreading to the public.

Dr. Alex Isakov, who was in charge of safely transporting two American aid workers infected with Ebola from Dobbins Air Reserve Base to Emory University Hospital, said "there's no potential for exposure. What Emory is doing is in the best interest of these two Americans to improve their health and it is being done safely."

Many people, however, fear bringing Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol to Atlanta puts the public in danger of infection.

They have sent angry emails to Emory and even posted outraged messages on CBS 46's Facebook page.

"Anyone who has anything to say that would detract from that mission, all I hope they will hear is that we're a health center that wants to get sick people better," Isakov said.

The hospital is taking proper precautions, the patients are isolated and there is no need to worry, Isakov said.

"The patient was dressed up in a way that would be nearly impossible for them to share any germs in this case, the Ebola virus, with the medical staff or otherwise," Isakov said.

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