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Chesnee woman out thousands after Facebook lottery scam

CHESNEE, SC (FOX Carolina) -

A Chesnee woman is warning others of a Facebook lottery scam that cost her thousands of dollars.

"I was happy about, you know, I wasn't thinking about a scam or anything," said Cindy Brigman.

The message came from a friend on Facebook, claiming she saw Brigman's name on a list of winners. The message included a link to contact a woman who claimed to be Marcie Roth.

"She said 'Congratulations, you've won $50,000,'" said Brigman.

The person then asked her to send $2,080 in "taxes and fees."

Not thinking it was a scam, Brigman, who relies on disability pay, sent the person the money to an address in Arkansas.

The scammer then asked for $1,500 more. She sent $800. 

"You never should have to pay for something you win," said Vee Daniel, President of the Better Business Bureau Upstate.

Brigman contacted the BBB after realizing she had been scammed and that her Facebook friend's account had been hacked.

Marcie Roth is actually a FEMA Official, and it appears the scammer was using Roth's photo and identity to appear more credible.

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