Back to school celebration provides thousands of backpacks for - - Jackson, MS

Back to school celebration provides thousands of backpacks for students

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

More than three thousand free book bags were prepared to slip onto the backs of students getting ready to head back to school.

"I'm very excited for this school year to start I'm ready for them to start school and see what this school year is going to bring," said JPS mom Ashanti Mayberry.

Mayberry said she's grateful her children will benefit from Saturday's community outreach hosted by the City of Jackson, 99 Jams and Kixie 107 F.M. at the Jackson Convention Complex.

The giveaway was "very beneficial because anything will help out anything will help," said Mayberry.

This school year all JPS students will receive free breakfast and lunch.  Also, 2,400 9th graders will head to class with MAC Airbook laptops to enhance their academic experience.

"We need to be prepared now for what the last part of the school year will look like, successful students who are ready for classes and college after they leave high school," said JPS Superintendent Dr. Cedrick Gray.

Fourth grader Christopher Price said he already knows what he wants to do with his love for science.

"Help with the environment and help other people," said Price.

Organizers are optimistic their teamwork will help the metro area's young learners succeed.

"This is the beginning of the school year and so you'll come in like you're not empty handed you'll come in with your arsenal you'll have your pencil, paper and so you'll come in feeling pretty prepared to tackle a tough year," said Stan Branson, the Operations Manager for Alpha Media.

 MAC and Associates, LLC and the United States Marine Corp. sponsored Saturday's event.

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