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McDaniel's attorney listed among possible irregular voters

When U.S. Senate candidate Chris McDaniel said he was challenging the results of the Republican primary, he said he would prove that hundreds of votes were cast illegally.

Now his own attorney, Mitch Tyner, is listed in the latest batch of evidence as having possibly voted in the Democratic primary and in the Republican runoff.     

McDaniel has argued that such crossover voting is illegal, and he's basing part of his challenge on it.

Tyner and his wife, Sloane, are listed in an affidavit that Tyner's own firm provided to attorneys representing McDaniel's opponent, Thad Cochran. Their names appear in section called "Crossover/Irregular Voting."  

McDaniel spokesman Noel Fritsch issued the  following statement Tuesday evening, calling it basically a poll worker's error:

At some point, a Madison poll worker crossed out nearly every voter's name and indicated that they'd not voted on June 3 but did vote on June 24. This shows that the book was not switched. The fact that even the Republican votes were crossed out is further evidence the county did not properly institute the "swapping of the books" to obviate crossover voting, casting the entire precinct into doubt. The entire Madison precinct is in question, and our volunteers reported the data without filtering it so it can be properly examined in the appropriate venue.

You can read the complete affidavit here. The item in question is on page 17.

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