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Mississippi cracks down on telemarketers

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Chances are you've picked up the phone and heard a telemarketer on the other end.

"They keep calling waking you up, calling constantly," said James Sperry. 

Sperry knows the problem all too well.

"They call all the time and then once I answer, well after I block the number, they keep calling," explained Sperry. "I don't how to get my number."

Central Mississippi Public Service Commissioner Lynn Posey says his office is trying to reduce those pesky calls.

"They're scam artists and we want to get them," Posey described. "And we think the only way to get them is to get it in their pockets. We've done a pretty effective job of stopping them by issuing some pretty serious fines against these telemarketers."

The Mississippi legislature passed a law that created a Mississippi no-call list in 2003. It doesn't let the state go after every call, though.

"There's a federal no call list," said Posey. "We can only regulate land lines where the federal list you can actually regulate,have your cell phone registered on the no call list."

Once you're on the Mississippi list, you don't have to sign back up. But Commissioner Posey says they need your help.

"If they're on the no call list and they signed up and they receive the telemarketer call, that's what we need reported because that telemarketer has violated that no call list," he said.

You can register to be on the list and report complaints on the public service commission website. The subscriber complaint form asks people when they received the call and at what time.

Go to Public Service Commission website for more information on the Mississippi no-call list.

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