Trending: Team Gleason, the Oxford Dictionary and a historical - - Jackson, MS

Trending: Team Gleason, the Oxford Dictionary and a historical mistake

While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped… Here's what's trending today.

Team Gleason

With the #ALSIceBucketChallenge social media campaign still growing, ALS research has seen a significant increase in donations.

Donations to former Saint Steve Gleason's foundation "Team Gleason" have doubled their normal average this week, the foundation's executive director said.

The ALS Association told the Washington Post it's raised $1.35 million in the past two weeks, versus $22,000 in the same period last year.

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Oxford Dictionary

And social media is buzzing about a few ‘cray' new words added to Oxford's online dictionary.

Cray, adorbs, YOLO, amazeballs, ICYMI and zonkey are among the dozens of words added the Oxford's online dictionary on Thursday.

Oxford's University Press said the new words reflect new language trends.

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Downton Abbey's historical mistake

Fans of Downton Abbey, a PBS drama set in the early 1900s, noticed a small, historical mistake in a promotion for the show's next season.

Does anything look out of place in this photo?

A plastic water bottle was left in the background during the photo shoot. The promo has since been deleted by producers… But, of course, evidence still exists on the Internet.

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