Vicksburg business scheme foiled - - Jackson, MS

Different take on an old scam

VICKSBURG, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Better Business Bureau us is giving area businesses a heads up about an overpayment scheme.

A woman identified as Maria Sanches emailed a Vicksburg roofer indicating she was purchasing a home and needed roof repair. The company checked it out and estimated the roofing cost at about 4 thousand dollars. Saches wanted to overpay the roofer. The Better Business Bureau says that's when the roofer became suspicious.

When the woman asked the roofer if he could wire $2-thousand dollars to her plumber that sent up a red flag because that's not the way businesses usually do business, according to John O'Hara with the BBB.

"That and when he went to do the estimate on the house the house was for sale and it was empty so he thought he would do a little bit more checking," said O'Hara.

And checking it out paid off big time.

"What they do is ask you to get a money gram and put $2 thousand dollars on it," added Ohara. "They give you an account number to deposit it into and it could really be the same person who is asking for the quote on the roof. When we tried to verify the individual, they had no access to the house and were not an owner and not a potential buyer of the house."

The BBB says if the business would have followed through by purchasing a money gram, they would be out of $2 thousand dollars.

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