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Man leaves nearly $10,000 behind after interstate traffic stop

Crisp County Sheriff H.W. Hancock Crisp County Sheriff H.W. Hancock

Crisp County authorities say a suspected drug dealer they stopped on an interstate left nearly $10,000 in the custody of deputies.

Crisp County Deputy Kenny Purvis pulled over 24-year-old Blake Guerrero from Eaglepoint, OR after he said he witnessed Guerrero texting while driving.

Dash cam video recorded the confrontation.

Guerrero denied texting while at the wheel, but officers said he looked nervous, and asked to search his BMW sedan.

Guerrero consented.

"In the rear of the automobile [there] were some items that were common to [a] drug courier," said Crisp County Sheriff H.W. Hancock. "It led Deputy Purvis to ask some more questions."

Purvis found $9,900 under the seat and drug related items.

"Deputy Purvis seized the money and told him if he followed him to the Sheriff's office he would then do a little more investigation to determine the legitimacy of the money," said Sheriff Hancock.

In addition, Guerrero was told if he did not get a receipt at the Sheriff's office, he would forfeit the money.

"That's up to you. I mean, if you want to get a receipt for your brother or whatever.. if you wanna sign a form saying you don't know anything about the money," Purvis told Guerrero on the recorded dash cam video.

"If I don't take a a receipt though and I just leave is there any way for him to still deal with this?" asked Guerrero.

"When you go to court, what's it gonna look like if you don't follow us to the office right now? That's what you gotta think about," Purvis replied in the video.

Guererro initially started following the deputy, but ultimately did not complete the trip to the Sheriff's Office.

"[When] the deputy pulled his car off the exit 99, Mr Guererro just decided he wasn't gonna follow him to the Sheriff's office and he continued on the interstate," said Sheriff Hancock.

He thinks Guererro was probably returning from a drug sale. If he does not claim the money it will be used to purchase items needed for the Crisp County Sheriff's Office.

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