Day 2 of Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival - - Jackson, MS

Day 2 of Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

People began filing in for day two of theJackson Rhythm and Blues festival well before 7 p.m. Saturday.

"We have five venues, three are actually indoorstages with air conditioning; two are outdoors, of course our main stage isoutdoors. We have a smaller acoustics stage," said Lagina Fisher, Director of Publications, Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Those stages will be filled with acts likeChrisette Michelle and Fantasia.

"I'm looking forward to seeing Bobby Rush, Chrisette Michelleand then the 90's is really what I'm apart of so Bell Biv Devoe and of courseFantasia," said Anthony Herbert of Gulfport.

"I really hate I miss Marley last night. I heard he was wonderful. I won't miss him any other time if he comes backthough," added Cynthia Nelson of Jackson.

Organizers with Jackson's Convention and Visitors Bureau have been planning this festival since October of 2013, andit's a chance to help local businesses.

"It definitely is exposure, it letseverybody know that we're here. If they got any questions at all, what we do,how we do's a huge help for businesses," said Lonnie Legree a vendor for Rimtyme.

A total of 36 artists will be performing .

"Mainly the acts, I'm a big blues fan.It's going to be lots of good blues, I know some of the artists so I'm lookingforward to some good music," said Todd Gentry of Madison.

The festival is really putting Jackson on thenational map - drawing in people from all over the world.

"We actually have people from GreatBritain coming this year, France. Ticket masters have told me they've come fromAustralia. They are coming from all over the United States so we are having areally great turnout and the weather has really been a factor," added Lagina Fisher, Director of Publications, Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau.

And for most - it's just an opportunity torelax and have some good old fashion fun.

"All the time you have to go otherplaces just to have a good time and feel safe so with all the security, music,good food, nice shopping, it's just a nice thing for everybody," added Nelson.



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