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Family bought tickets to abandoned amusement park


A Gwinnett County family wants their money back after they purchased season passes to Fantasy Magic World, in the parking lot of Gwinnett Place Mall, and none of the rides were operational.

The tickets to the attraction were supposed to be unlimited from June 27 to Sept. 1 but when the family decided to go the mall and ride the rides they were shocked.

"I was like ‘mom I don't hear anybody I don't hear any kids or any rides,'" Ayiana Herrera said. "It was a huge mess. Everything was torn. I was mad and sad."

Ayiana, 12, was excited to ride the rides all summer with her brother Juan, 8, and a family friend. Now, she wants to warn people about the fantasy world that doesn't exist.

"I thought we need to tell the news," Ayiana said. "What if they went to a different state and did the same thing? If it never went on the news that could be very bad."

Ayiana's mom Diana said she called Gwinnett Place Mall who gave her a bunch of numbers to call. So far, she has not received any phone calls back.

CBS46 News went to the home of the man listed on various websites as the company's CEO, Natalio Pabon Pereira. When we knocked on the door someone peeked out the windows. We asked them to talk to us but they closed the blinds and never came to the door.

Herrera said losing $158.96 isn't fair. But, what she said is especially unfair is letting down children across the state of Georgia.

"I did this for the kids," Herrera said. "I think everybody should get their money back. Somebody needs to make up for it because it is not fair for the kids, and that is what I spent my money for the kids."

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