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High temps cause problems at JPS schools with no A/C

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Wednesday we saw some of the hottest temperatures of the summer so far, and several JPS parents are upset that some schools are still operating without air conditioning. The school district is still coping after falling victim to theft and vandalism earlier this month.

Although the district says it's actively working to repair and replace them, parents feel not enough is being done to keep their kids cool on these hot summer days.

"It's a shame somebody will steal the air conditioning units off of the school," said JPS parent Johnny Jackson.

Monica Hamlehdary was concerned when she went to pick up her two daughters from Lester Elementary.

"The kids are like in the middle of the class sweating," said Hamledary. "My baby's nose running, dripping water, she wiping her forehead. You know she's just hot."

She was aware of the vandals but said she thought more efforts would be made to keep the kids' learning environment cool.

"I never saw a bottle of water," added Hamlehdary. "The kids are drinking out of a water fountain and you know that the water fountain goes hot after about 2-3 people drinking it."

JPS has provided at least 20 fans to those affected schools and district officials say students have been receiving extended breaks throughout the day.

"I want to see lots of air conditioning because it's super hot in there," said student Karmella Hamledary. "The fans are not even working."

"Only thing I'm doing is sitting at home thinking about my children sitting in that hot classroom sweating and suffering and trying to learn but they can't focus because they're hot," said Monica Hamledary.

District officials say they are actively making repairs and air has been installed in some of those affected schools. Some parents however are still worried about their kid's safety.

"You never know they get too hot and you know they might pass out or something like that," added Jackson.

"My children will not be attending school for the next couple of days or until the air is fixed because I'm not going to subject them to hell not one more day," added Monica.

Officials also say each affected school cafeteria should have ice and water available at all times. You may want to also send water with your child because the next few days are going to be hot.

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