Sun Damage is written all over your face - - Jackson, MS

Sun damage is written all over your face

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Nothing will make you scream "holy horrors" like seeing your own face under the ultra violent light known as a Woods Lamp.

Aesthetician Jamie Jordan says it can be a real eye opener.

"This is a nice way to teach patients what can happen to their skin if they take care of it properly."

Pam McCoy took the dreaded trip under the light.

"A lot more sun damage than I thought I had," she said.

Fortunately, sun damage to a great degree can be reversed.

"Chemical peels are wonderful for us Southern girls who love the sun," said Blackledge Face Center patient, Vicki Powell.

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Adair Blackledge is not encouraging anyone to love the sun, but he knows the reality.

"Just about every patient in Mississippi has some unwanted brown spots but when you pull out the Woods Lamp, what you are doing is actually showing the patient, not only the sun damage that's there's now but you're also starting to see the pigment, the sun damage that's going to be coming to the surface of the skin in the next five, ten, 15 years," Dr. Blackledge said. 

Vicki has decided that's not how she wants to look down the road, so she's all in. The first step is to remove sun damage through a chemical peel.

"I'll be 50 in November, so all of us who used baby oil and did not use sunscreen and fried our little skin when we were growing up, it removes all of those dark spots and some of the wrinkles on my face have definitely decreased," she said. 

Dr. Blackledge says persistence is key when you're fighting sun damage.

"Some Retin A, some bleaching creams and most importantly, sunscreen to keep the sun damage from coming back."

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