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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Oakhurst and Marla

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A longtime resident of a south Jackson community sent me an email about a pair of eyesores threatening her neighborhood. She reached out to 3 On Your Side, because she says, so far, no one else is helping her.

We thought we had seen the worst, until we saw 2101 Oakhurst Drive and it wasn't even the blighted house the emailer, who asked not be identified, contacted me about.

The anonymous resident said she had never seen it this bad before and she called it appalling.

"Grass has not been cut until last week when I mentioned your name, that I would have you come out and, I think, they cut maybe two feet off the street line and that's it," said the anonymous resident.

She tells us she and her family still live here after more than 50-years and they don't plan to leave. But she doesn't want her face or name shown in this report because of a growing concern over safety.

"We have had vagrants coming in and out of the properties," said the frustrated resident. "Fire department's been called out. We've had people come in and try to steal the window guards and door guards that have been put on homes for safety."

The property the frustrated resident first told me about is 260 Marla Avenue and it's close to her property.

"We've called the city a number of times on the properties, but they don't seem to worry about; care about it and keep telling, they'll get to it when they get to it," said the resident. "It's depressing, cuz this used to be a high light in south Jackson."

"Let's clean it up," she added. "Let's clean it up so, hopefully, we can encourage more people to stay, number one, and to comeback into Jackson or be new dwellers in Jackson, because I think that's very important to keep the city going."

Community Improvement is now under the Jackson Police Department's jurisdiction and Officer Colendula Green told me both blighted properties have been assigned case numbers.

2101 Oakhurst Drive is ready to add to the next available bid pack and 260 Marla Avenue was issued to a contractor in July.

Green says the contractor will be contacted in an effort to "move this one ahead." We will keep you posted.

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