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Double murder trial begins

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Testimony began in the Jessie Freeman double murder trial in Hinds county court Tuesday.

Freeman is accused of killing his wife and another man in domestic dispute.

Police say it happened during a violent confrontation at the Studio 6 Motel on the I-55 frontage road.

The murder victims, Lenora Freeman, and Allen Lee Ramsey were found inside a truck, that had flipped on it's side. Both had been shot.

During opening arguments, Assistant District Attorney Greta Harris"He shot and killed these two people without any justification without any provocation."

Ramsey died at the scene. Lenora Freeman died after being hospitalized with a gunshot wound to the head.

Jessie Freeman is claiming self defense in this case, and says that Ramsey was also armed, and was the aggressor.

Defense attorneys say Ramsey raised a weapon at Freeman before he opened fire.

Defense attorney Alyson Kelly told jurors, "Did Jessie shoot?  Yes.  Because when you see a person pull a gun on you and your baby girl is with you and you totally don't expect to see that person.  He thought he was going to see his wife.  Are you going to wait till they kill you and your child?"

Police recovered Freeman's abandoned black Pontiac Firebird that same morning in the parking ramp at St. Dominic's Hospital.

The rear of the vehicle showed signs it had been rear-ended.

The front bumper of the overturned truck the murder victims were found in, also showing signs it had struck another car.

It's still unclear why Lenora Freeman and Allen Lee Ramsey were together at the hotel.

Jury selection for the double murder trial is expected to be completed late Monday, with opening statements, Tuesday morning.

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