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Sheriff: Father of slain children 'very intelligent individual'

Jones children Source: Lexington County Sheriff's Office Jones children Source: Lexington County Sheriff's Office
Tim Jones, Jr. Source: Smith County Sheriff's Department Tim Jones, Jr. Source: Smith County Sheriff's Department
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

The Lexington County Sheriff's Office in South Carolina held a press conference on Wednesday regarding the case of Timothy Jones, Jr. who is accused of killing his five children.

On Tuesday, Jones led law enforcement agents to the bodies of his 5 children who were found decomposing in trash bags in a rural area of Alabama.

Lexington County Sheriff Lewis McCarty says it is still not known why Jones dumped the bodies in Alabama. He says that Jones could have ended up in Mississippi because he was a graduate of the University of Mississippi and his father still lives in the state.

WLBT contacted the University of Mississippi and they said they have checked all of their records and that Jones did NOT attend the university.

Sheriff Charlie Crumpton of Smith County in Mississippi, where Jones is in custody, told our reporters that Jones actually attended Mississippi State University in Starkville. He graduated with an engineering degree and worked for Intel Corp. in South Carolina.

Sheriff Crumpton describes Jones as a "very intelligent individual".

Jones signed a waiver of extradition at 10 am on Wednesday. Sheriff Crumpton says he had legal counsel present. 

South Carolina authorities started their 8 hour trip to pick him up at about 7 am. 

Sheriff Crumpton says that Jones was stopped at a checkpoint over the weekend, where he was arrested for DUI. 

When deputies ran his tag, it hit on a welfare concern for the children, which began the whole investigation. We've been told that the vehicle, a 2006 Cadillac Escalade, is already en route to South Carolina.

Two teams from South Carolina are on their way; one to pick up Jones and another group to pick up evidence collected by authorities in this case from the states of Mississippi and Alabama. 

Sheriff Crumpton says that Jones told him he had been zig zagging on back roads since he left the state of Alabama, trying to avoid law enforcement. 

His final destination was Las Vegas.  

We have confirmed that Jones' father, Tim Jones, Sr. lives in Amory, Mississippi. Jones, Sr. told NBC in a phone interview that he was present for the interrogation of his son in Smith County. 

During Wednesday's press conference it was also revealed that on August 7, Jones was reported to the Department of Social Services in South Carolina regarding some sort of abuse to his children. The case was still open and being investigated at the time of the murders.

Sheriff McCarty says that he will not speculate on the cause of death of the children until the official autopsy is released. He said all of the bodies are now back in Lexington County in South Carolina.

The sheriff says that according to officials at the vehicle checkpoint in Smith County, Mississippi, Jones "seemed very strange" and "a little on the violent side".

He says authorities saw blood, cleaner, and children's clothes in Jones' car, but no children.

Sheriff McCarty says that there was some indication of a synthetic drug present in Jones' vehicle. He says that this particular drug is known as "spice".

He describes the drug's effects saying it can "make you really wild".

The sheriff says he feels that Jones killed his 5 children at the same time and traveled from South Carolina to Alabama with the children in garbage bags in his car.

He says that they believe that the children were killed very early on and were deceased and in the car "for some period of time".

Sheriff McCarty says Jones still has not indicated any motive to authorities yet.

The father was the children's primary legal custodian, and they lived with him at a home near Lexington, SC.

The mother, who is divorced from the children's father, reported them missing September 3.


Father of slain children remains in MS jail, awaits extradition - http://bit.ly/1wfqi31

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