Airstrikes in Syria - - Jackson, MS

Airstrikes in Syria

Good Thursday morning from MSNewsNow's Brandon Artiles.

It's 76 degrees this morning as we get our days started. Meteorologist Julia Weiden will let us know what we can expect from the weather today in her First Alert Forecast.

Coming up on the WLBT AM Report, the President has authorized taking the fight to ISIS in Syria. Find out the strategy and why now is the time, at the top of the hour.

Plus, the father of five accused of killing his children will be been sent back to South Carolina today. Meanwhile, the children's grandparents who live in Amory, Mississippi, are speaking out about the tragedy.

And, on this 13th anniversary of 9/11 we take a look back at one of the darkest days in our nation's history.

All those stories and much more are heading your way.

Please join Joy Redmond and me from 5 to 7 and have a great Friday eve!

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