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Back to South Carolina

Father of slain children leaves Smith Co. Jail, taken into custody by SC authorities

A hot, steamy Thursday afternoon in the Jackson metro area. I'm Howard Ballou with a look at some of the news stories you will see on WLBT.

WLBT has exclusive footage of Timothy Jones, Jr. being taken into custody this morning by South Carolina authorities to be escorted back to the state where he is facing 5 counts of murder of his children.

Plus, the Mississippi Department of Human Services announced that a federal lawsuit brought against the State of Mississippi involving the conditions of confinement at Oakley Youth Development Center has been dismissed by Federal Judge Henry T. Wingate.

And, an 18-year-old Jackson man, who pleaded guilty to an armed carjacking in Ridgeland, has been sentenced to 35 years in prison with eight years suspended.

In sports, the Ole Miss Rebel family is mourning the loss of legendary announcer, Stan Sandroni, who died of a heart attack, in Oxford, at age 64.

Clear skies and 93 degrees, but it feels like 98. Watch your full First Alert Forecast.

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