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Doctors give advice on sports hydration

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's been two weeks since Jackson Prep football player Walker Wilbanks' death. As you've probably seen by now, doctors say the cause was a combination of hydration and low sodium levels. That's put every player, coach and parent on the offense when it comes to hydration.

Dr. Timothy Quinn relays the basics to his patients.

"If you need fluid, go get fluid," said Quinn. "Don't try to just muscle through it because that can be dangerous."

That's a big one. There's not a complicated game plan for water breaks.

"They say to listen to your body," Quinn explained. "If you're starting to feel severely fatigued, just tired. You can even become a little dizzy or light headed. You can even get confused. That's the time you want to remove yourself from the heat and hydrate."

People usually know to pace themselves with activity. The same goes for hydration.

"The rule of thumb is you want to make sure you hydrate every hour," described Quinn. "And you don't want to go extended periods without hydration but every hour. That way your body has the opportunity to adjust properly."

Doctors at UMMC say sports drinks can give folks a false sense of security. They say it's not enough to replace all the sodium lost through sweating.

"It can exacerbate other medical problems, such as someone with hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease and so on," explains Quinn.

Quinn stressed there's no one size fits all answer on how much H20 is too much or too little.

"If a child is showing severe symptoms, it's a good idea to go ahead and call 911," said Quinn. "Don't hesitate. Just go ahead and call because safety is first."

The High School Activities Association has guidelines in place for heat and hydration issues. Most are reminders for coaches to use common sense during these steamy games.

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