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Madison authorities say man charged with possession of synthetic LSD

Kaleb K. Chhabra Source: Madison County Sheriff's Department Kaleb K. Chhabra Source: Madison County Sheriff's Department
MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Drug agents say synthetic drugs are becoming more popular in Mississippi, including one called 25i, also known as a synthesized form of LSD.  

"Until July 1st of this year, it was not illegal to possess," said Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker.  

Tucker said investigators have been gathering evidence about its use in the Metro area since before the drug was outlawed. One more piece of the puzzle was revealed on Friday with the arrest of Kaleb Chhabra, 19, of Madison, a former Mississippi State student.  

"We were able to stop him on a traffic stop, having prior knowledge of what he was doing, through investigative work, and our narcotics guys did a great job doing that," said Tucker.

Inside Chhabra's car, deputies found 700 hits of 25i, potentially worth several thousand dollars.  

"They're ordering these things over the Internet, paying thirty cents a hit for it, and selling them for eight dollars [apiece] to our kids, you know," Tucker said.  

Chhabra is charged with possession of the substance with intent to distribute. Sheriff Tucker said there are more out there doing the same thing.  

"It comes in a liquid form. It's sprayed on this blotter-type paper," said Tucker. "Depending on where you get that hit from on that particular piece of paper, it could be a concentrated or lethal dose."  

In August, 22-year-old MSU student Thomas Parker Rodenbaugh died of what authorities believe was a synthetic LSD overdose. Sheriff Tucker said he did not believe the two cases were connected, but believes the 700 doses found in Chhabra's car could have easily led to the death of someone else.  

"You know, that's potentially 700 lives," Tucker said.  

A judge set Chhabra's bond at $40,000, but he has since paid that and been released. Sheriff Tucker said Chhabra will go before the grand jury at a later date.  

Meantime, the sheriff said the investigation is not over, and they expect more arrests in the coming days.

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