Fans react to JSU, Grambling game following no-show - - Jackson, MS

Fans react to JSU, Grambling game following no-show

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's one of the biggest rivalries in the SWAC tournament history.

Jackson State University and Grambling State University hit the football field Saturday at Veterans Memorial Stadium for a highly anticipated game.

It was the first time both teams competed since Grambling was a no-show last year for JSU's homecoming. Grambling State University foot ball team went on a strike.

"They have an obligation to show up, business is business. But I understand what they were going through because when you got terrible conditions and you want to get your point across and nobody else agrees to your point sometimes you have to make a statement," said Charles Bacon, a JSU alum.

That statement cost the team a $50,000 fine from the SWAC tournament. There were even talks of a potential lawsuit.

"That following week, those players had their homecoming up coming which I think that had they waiting until their homecoming and actually struck or refuse to play I think it would of had a greater impact than involving the university, the Jackson State University in their debacle," said Larry White, a former JSU athlete.

Tension from fans was evident in the stadium Saturday, especially with Grambling holding an early lead.

"It's very unfortunate but we are here today so I'm hoping that's not going to shadow what were doing because we are all apart of HBCU and glad football is still here and we love it," said Rhonda Jones, a Grambling State University fan.

JSU officials say the issue is being resolved without any litigation and the team showing up this year is a good sign those talks are going into the right direction.

"I see both sides of the coin when you look at that, of course they lost a lot of money with Grambling not showing up but if the shoe was on the other food then Grambling would probably feel the same way," said Jones.


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