Canton organizations aim to reach out to and reclaim African Ame - - Jackson, MS

Canton organizations aim to reach out to and reclaim African American youth

CANTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Sunday afternoon several organizations joined in downtown Canton in hopes reaching out to young African American males.

One hundred Black Men along with organizations like the Madison County Baptist Association of Churches, gathered for an outreach program.

 The goal is to refocus, redirect and reclaim young African American men in the community. 

Canton Mayor Arnel Bolden says these types of programs are crucial to uplift the community. 

"There's a crisis all over America for young males especially young African American males and we want to do the things that we can let them know they have someone in the community that cares, someone if they need a shoulder to lean on if they need someone to talk to for whatever reason we are here," said George Cole, Chairman of 100 Black Men of Canton.

"We want to expose them to some of the programs being offered by the community colleges we want to expose them to what the armed forces offer them, there are plenty of opportunities for them," added Glen Lacey with Madison County Baptist Association of Churches.

Organizers say they plan to host more events like this in the future. 


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