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Burglars target Mendenhall ministry

In the past two weeks, the Simpson Baptist Association has been ripped off to the tune of some $10-thousand dollars in two separate burglaries.

"Well, really we haven't heard a whole lot from the police," said ministry executive director John Sykes. "This incident just happened Sunday. We haven't even gotten a case number from the police. We called today and they haven't given us a case number yet."

And he doesn't understand why. Concerned about that response from law enforcement, Sykes released the ministry's surveillance video to WLBT.

The latest crime took place Sunday morning around 7 a.m. The intruder went straight for surveillance cameras, trying to bend one with a board, then covering another in the back of the building with a cardboard box.

"We are trying to help people but there is someone out there, obviously the criminal part, that doesn't care about that," said Sykes. "They want to hurt us."

Sykes said two days ago someone drilled holes in their van's gas tank stealing $100 dollars worth of gas.

"It's going to cost about $1,000.00 to replace that gas tank," added Sykes.

Two weeks ago, on a Sunday, a suspicious white ford pick up truck drove on the property. The same day the association's disaster relief chainsaw unit was stolen.

"A unit that we use to minister to people all over this country," said Sykes. We had a chain saw unit 16 foot cargo enclosed. The value of the unit and the contents was $9500 and someone of a heartless nature took that very instrument we use to try to help people."

It's not known if the crimes are connected. However it is believed the same person broke into a warehouse on the property Sunday morning and a neighbors shop, stealing welding equipment.

Call Crimestoppers  at 601-355-TIPS or the Mendenhall Police Department at 601-847-2641 if you have any information on these crimes.

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