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Rabbi accuses restaurant owner of anti-Semitic tirade

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A simple lunch order turned into an anti-Semitic tirade according to the interim rabbi of Beth Israel Synagogue. But the owner of Wraps in Maywood Mart denies those claims.

"I was actually craving Greek food," said Rabbi Ted Riter.

According to Beth Israel's interim rabbi, he planned to grab lunch while working on the final edit of one of his sermons for the start of Rosh Hashanah on Wednesday.

Riter claims the owner clearly made anti-Semitic comments.

"When he said 'Do you want the Jewish size?'and then even said 'Well you know Jews are small and cheap.' I thought that he was gonna follow that up with an oh you know I'm just kidding or some kind of off color remark like that," said Rabbi Riter. "But then with the whole string of expletives and to throw me out of the restaurant, I was just flabbergasted. I was really amazed that something like that would happen anywhere."

"No I don't know what you're talking about," said the Wraps owner who would only identify himself as John.

The business owner initially denied the conversation took place but then said Riter has been disrespectful.

"He didn't know exactly what he wanted and we offer him our services, and that's the extent of it," said John. "Like I said I have Jewish friends, friends all over so have no problems. I don't even know what it's all about. I didn't know this man from Adam."

Several others inside the restaurant said they witnessed the exchange. One person posted on our Face book page that it was a truly horrifying experience.

She writes, "A man was trying to order and was accosted with an anti-Semitic rant. "I hate Jews" "Get the f*** out Jew" and "Jews are all cheap" were just a few of the slurs used.

John also denied being racist but added that you have to respect someone's business because this is not a public center, this is a private enterprise.

Riter served as a rabbi in southern California for 16 years before arriving in Jackson July first to help with preparations for the next permanent rabbi at Beth Israel. 

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