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Officials propose four-day work week for some in Brandon

BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

James Spann is one-half of a two-man crew working on a neighborhood street in Brandon.

"We're patching some bad places in the street," Spann told us.

It's Thursday, and beginning next week, Thursday will be the end of Spann's work week.

The City of Brandon is implementing a four-day, ten-hour work week for 14 public works employees in the areas of streets, sanitation, and drainage.

"That's an excellent idea. They're doing real well to accommodate us," Spann says.

Mayor Butch Lee says morale has picked up as employees look forward to the extra day off. The shift change will be piloted for three months first. He says Public Works jobs will get done quicker with this system.

"Going to a job site and leaving a job site is sometimes half the work, so we're able to accomplish those jobs where we don't have to go back the next day and finish something," said Mayor Lee. "It's long overdue, and I've had many conversations with other governments, state governments. There are state employees that work ten-hour days for four days.

Mayor Lee also says the City's cash flow crunch that led to serious budget trimming last year is getting better. Last fiscal year closed out with $1.6 million in the bank. This year it's more than $4 million. 

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