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Apartment residents concerned about safety after overnight shooting

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Connie Cage said, "It sounded like a big automatic gun," said Connie Cage, outside her apartment building, riddled with bullet holes.

Cage is talking about the damage left behind by a morning shooting at the North Hill Apartments on Brown street in north Jackson.

For the last several nights and again Thursday morning, Cage said and her neighbors have dodged bullets.

"It's some kind of something going on with some of the remnants," said Cage. "Maybe their company, I don't know."

Multiple bullet holes dot the side of the building. Some went through walls of bedrooms. One nearly struck Cage as she walked to her bedroom.

Jackson police responded to the shooting, took pictures and evidence, but residents say it will take a unified front to stop the shooters before someone gets hurt, or killed.

"We have to stick together and get something done about this," added Cage. "We have to go through the proper channels and we have to stand up and don't let, it's not going to get any better if we don't do something as a community."

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