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Hundreds of NW Rankin students help beautify school

Students clean up at Northwest Rankin (Source: MSNewsNow) Students clean up at Northwest Rankin (Source: MSNewsNow)
RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

When the weekend hits students typically look forward to time away from class.

But hundreds of students in Rankin County filled up every portion of their school Saturday morning to leave behind a positive legacy for future classes. 

Northwest Rankin High School students made their way to school in masses to give back.

These students are doing everything they can to keep Northwest Rankin High School in tip top shape.

"They have a little ravine over there I'm digging up, a little trail I'm trying to dig to make it nice over there up on vine street and I'm about to head over there help them clean up those stop signs over there," said student, Cody Wolf.

Students from more than 20 clubs and organizations volunteered their time and adopted a part of the campus to beautify.

"We thought maybe we were going to have 100 to 200 kids we have probably 4 to 500 kids here," added Principal Ben Stein. 

"I was so happy when I started cleaning the walls because they look a lot better than they did when I first came to high school," said student, Esther Iyanobor.

 The highschoolers also tackled gardens and got down on the ground to clean the floors.

"It's given us all something in common a common bond to get together and serve our school and just give back to all the administration and staff that's done so much," student Landon Chapman explained.

Principal Stein said the district helps a lot to keep the school in shape, but thinks students taking the time to volunteer will help them truly appreciate what they have....and inspire these learners to develop into leaders. 


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