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High School quarterback switches teams at the half

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BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Monday night's JV football game began just like any other game for Brandon Bulldog's quarterback, Mason Mathieu.

 His team scored quickly and was up 21-0 against the Northwest Rankin Cougars in the second quarter.

Then, the Cougars quarterback got hurt and couldn't continue.

"They tried to play some other kids at quarterback, and any other position would have been fine because you got other linemen, receivers, runningbacks, but you only a lot of times have one quarterback," Coach Brad Peterson tells us.

The Bulldogs had two quarterbacks to utilize, and the Northwest Rankin Cougars had none.

It was about this time that Coach Peterson approached Mathieu and said we're gonna keep you in this game, but as quarterback for the other team.

"They called me up during halftime, I met with the coach, of course he made a joke, 'You do bad for us I'll send you back over there'," Mathieu says.

Mathieu was the only red jersey on the Cougars' side at the line of scrimmage.

The other Brandon quarterback continued the game for the Bulldogs.

And Mathieu did well, clinching two touchdowns for the rival team and driving for a third when time ran out.

"When I went over there, I guess (my team) really didn't know what to think, but I told them I was planning on going there and we were going to score a couple times," Mathieu says. "(The Cougars are) a great group of guys, I mean I loved it. It was great."

Coach Peterson has never seen it happen before in his career, and he says all players, especially Mathieu, handled it like true sportsmen.

"Obviously it's a pressure situation, I was glad to see him perform well under the pressure," he says.

Final score: Bulldogs 46, Cougars 14.

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