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Mississippi doctors respond to Ebola case in U.S.

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The deadly Ebola virus is now in the United States and the way the case was reported is spurring controversy.  

Tuesday, we told you about a man who flew from Liberia to the United States and checked himself into a Dallas, Texas hospital complaining of fever like symptoms.

The hospital admitted he was released, rechecked in days later and diagnosed with Ebola.

Dr. Skip Nolan, the director of infectious diseases at UMMC says the Ebola virus attacks the immune system.

"Headaches, body aches, joint aches, high fevers, vomiting sometimes diarrhea; as the disease progresses, people experience bleeding into different organs which ultimately results in death," said Dr. Nolan.

The man who tested positive for it, had recently traveled to West Africa.

"The big issue in West Africa has been a lack of equipment and a lack of hospital beds and a lack of a public infrastructure," said Dr. Nolan.

The CDC is now offering guidance about how to respond to the virus.

"Centers for Disease Control, I believe is in Atlanta, GA, and they are doing a lot of research on the new findings and what's going on with it and hopefully they can knock it out before it begins to spread," said Joshua Rushing of Clinton.

Although research is happening, people are still nervous, especially since it's in the US.

"It's really bothersome that it's that close in the United States and with Dallas being so close to our area, so I really feel as if it could affect Jackson," said Jason Sullivan of Brandon.

"Absolutely it makes me nervous," added Rushing. "That's close to home. I mean, you're looking at a place you can drive 6/7 hours to. There it is right there."

Dr. Nolan says they shouldn't be worried. The potential threat to Mississippians is relatively small because of the large amount of resources here.

"Once cases are identified, they will be placed into isolation where they're not a risk of spreading to people," said Dr. Nolan. "And the contacts will be evaluated and watched appropriately so there's no further spread."

To learn more about the virus, you can go to the Centers of Disease Control website.

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