JPD investigates actions of Animal Control officers - - Jackson, MS

JPD investigates actions of Animal Control officers

Source: WLBT archives Source: WLBT archives
Source: WLBT archives Source: WLBT archives
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

 The Jackson Police Department is investigating concerns over Jackson Animal Control officers' actions.

This comes after homeowners say "like snipers" animal control officers gunned two dogs down out of the back of a city pickup truck last week. One was a pet, the other a non-violent stray.

Jackson Animal Control has defended it's right to shoot and kill dogs that they can't trap or catch.

The City of Jackson released a statement saying that the information about this event that was widely spread through social media was erroneous. 

"Upon researching the concerns it has been determined that Animal Control officers were proceeding to address numerous complaints of stray dogs in the McCain Street area. The animals had been the source of numerous complaints lodged by residents of the area, for over a span of three years.

Animal Control officers are special individuals who must have a genuine concern for the animals they encounter and care for, on a daily basis. It is not the intent or desire of animal control officers to impose lethal force upon any creature. The Jackson Police Department holds in high regard the sanctity of life and preservation of life and property. However, our officers must respond judiciously and in consideration of the safety to other animals, public safety and personal safety at all times.

Less than lethal methods of capture, such as using traps, had been previously unsuccessful for the animals. Therefore, the officer deemed this the best recourse available, under the circumstances. Our investigation revealed that the Animal Control officers utilized proper policy and procedure.

We will review our policies and procedures and research less lethal actions that may be taken as we continue to provide the best service to those we encounter, protect and serve."

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