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Boxer looking for a good home

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A Boxer was recently rescued from the steps of an old church on Clinton Boulevard. He had been sitting there for several weeks. 

Someone who worked nearby noticed him and fed him every day before posting that the dog needed a home on Craig's List.  The dog's rescuer reported that he is a Brindle Boxer and very friendly.  "He jumped right in the car and went to sleep on the floorboard," said the Good Samaritan. 

"He is a very good dog. and responds well to a leash and has been snipped."

Supposedly the dog had been scratching his skin a lot, and his fur is thin and filled with dry patches.  The person that found the Boxer took him to the vet for treatment, where he was given antibiotics.  

"The itching has calmed down since the meds took effect. Fur should be fine in a few months.  He received a medicated bath as well and is acting a little happier and friskier," said its rescuer. 

The vet did diagnose the dog as Heartworm positive, and he will need to undergo a full regimen of heartworm treatment.  

However, someone has graciously offered to cover the cost of the treatment.  The Boxer is $200 to adopt. 

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