Robbers target business owners - - Jackson, MS

Robbers target business owners

Clinton Police say they're had three Jackson business owners robbed at their homes in their city in the last three weeks. Investigators there say there have been even more similar incidents in other cities.

Clinton PD says it was Tuesday evening when a Jackson business owner pulled into his driveway minutes after closing his business at Metrocenter Mall. Four armed and masked men forced him inside, tied him up, robbed him, and stole his car.

It's just one of several similar incidents, being reported around the metro.

"So far no one has gotten hurt in a terrible way,” said Clinton Police Chief Michael Warren. “It's very important we get them caught so that does not happen. We don't want it to happen period. We certainly don't want anyone getting hurt in the process."

Clinton police recovered the victim's car and a few of the stolen items on Maddox Road. What was never found was a large amount of cash taken from the victim.

"All these victims have their own businesses in Jackson and it looks like they are following them over here or either know where they live and come over here and wait on them,” said Chief Warren. “In other words they're patterning them it seems like."

Detectives are working closely with the latest robbery victim, trying to narrow down suspects. Right now they're not sure if they are looking at one, or multiple groups of criminals. They're telling business owners to be on guard.

“Always be aware when you're closing business,” Chief Warren added. “Who is on your premises, how long they've been there, whether or not they're customers; anything like that, any suspicious circumstances. Have our number or Jackson, where ever they're at, have that number close by."

Police say if you're a victim of a robbery like this, it's always best to call 9-1-1, even if the suspects have left the scene.

Right now several agencies are working together on these latest cases, in hopes of making an arrest.

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