City responds to concerns about Jackson Animal Control Officer p - - Jackson, MS

City responds to concerns about Jackson Animal Control Officer policy

The city of Jackson is responding to recent criticism that local Animal Control officers were acting 'like snipers.'

Homeowners say, from the back of a city pickup truck, the officers gunned down two dogs last week.

One was a pet, the other a non-violent stray.

On Friday, following an investigation, the city released a statement:

Recently, several citizens have shown concern for the actions taken by Animal Control officers within our city. Upon researching these concerns it has been determined that Animal Control officers were proceeding to address numerous complaints of stray dogs in the McCain Street area. The animals had been the source of numerous complaints lodged by residents of the area.

The actions taken by the Animal Control officers were in compliance with an antiquated set of policy guidelines. While these actions were in compliance, Mayor Yarber and city leaders agree that policy guidelines must be updated to ensure the safety of our Animal Control officers and the safe, humane removal of stray animals. Currently, the administration is working to craft changes to this outdated set of guidelines to be presented and approved by the city council.

No word yet on the specifics of the changes

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