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Former Warren Circuit Clerk narrowly avoids more jail time

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Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT

Former Warren County Circuit Clerk Ashley Palmertree was ordered to go back to jail Friday morning by Judge John Price, for taking more than 17 thousand dollars from a county account.She avoided time behind bars, but it cost her. 

"I think that it sets a good standard for the public to understand that Ms. Palmertree seems to take money and change it around from one account to the other to fit her need," said Warren County Supervisor John Arnold.

 Back in 2013, a total of 36 thousand dollars was handed over to the county to hold while a civil matter was disputed. Warren County Board of Supervisor's Attorney Marcie Southerland says that 36 thousand dollars landed in the hands of Palmertree.

"Ms. Palmertree was remanded to the custody of the Warren County Sheriff's Department to be incarcerated until she perged herself by paying the additional 17 thousand five hundred some odd dollars," said Southerland. "Ms. Palmertree and her attorneys are going to tender a check to our current circuit clerk to purge herself of the contempt."

Testimony revealed Palmertree withdrew and deposited thousands of dollars into several different accounts in a matter of days. It all happened just four days before she was removed from office.

"There are citizens throughout Warren County that has restitution coming from this account that has not got paid," said Arnold. "I would like to see the citizens of Warren County rise up against this and demand their money."

Just Monday Palmertree pleaded guilty to three counts of embezzlement. She will spend five years behind bars.

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