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JULIA'S FORECAST: Continued Warmth & Humidity

Good Tuesday morning!

If you haven't noticed already, the humidity is back up. We're feeling summer like with mugginess and heat as high temperatures are expected to reach the upper 80s. A "feels like" temp will be closer to 90. 

Sky conditions will mostly be quiet with a mix of sun and clouds. Active rain and storms are farther off to the north, closer to Memphis. It's possible the a few stray storms could pop up here locally, but it's a very limited threat. Most will just have to deal with heat and humidity today. A lunar eclipse is happening tonight, generally between 4 and 6am! Temps will be in the mid to high 60s with humidity and partly cloudy skies.

Heat and humidity will be around pretty much every day this week, along with minimal chances for rain and storms. No major relief in the near future. Stay tuned!

Julia Weiden
Morning Meteorologist
Facebook: Meteorologist Julia Weiden
Twitter: @JuliaWeiden

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