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Common Core Challenges

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MADISON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

For years, It's been implemented in classrooms near you. We're talking about Common Core standards, the benchmark for testing in our state.
This new method of learning has it's challenges, even for parents trying to help their kids with their homework, but experts say it has it's advantages.

In Madison County they've spent the last four years implementing Common Core lessons in all areas. When some parents see the math lesson's they're taken aback.

Shannon James, a 3rd grade teacher at Madison Avenue Upper Elementary said,  "I tell them to stop and take a deep breath, don't panic, it will make some sense when they start seeing what their children are doing."

James explains Common Core math gives students a deeper understanding of math equations, and how they get their answers.

"Its more justifying your thinking, explaining why you're doing it," said James. "Using models, using labels to help you understand the process you're following and the concept you're trying to learn at the time."

To do that, students are having to do more writing, explaining how they got their answer. They're also being encouraged to collaborate with other students on how to solve problems, working together, to get the same answer.

"We were taught with tricks and with rhymes and just little tricks to be able to solve problems," said Madison Avenue Upper Elementary Principal Kim Hurst. "But in the end, that was doing a disservice because we didn't understand how the problem was being solved. As now we have taken that off the table and students are given the actual mathematical vocabulary. They have that understanding so we don't have to go back and re teach."

In Common Core math, 2+2 is still four, it's just a new way of getting there.

Educators say it will give students a broader understanding of math concepts, better preparing them for jobs in the future, and before that, training them to get better results when it comes to state testing.

Ronnie McGehee Superintendent of Madison County Schools says,

"They'll be solving the problems our generations have created," said Madison County Schools Superintendent Ronnie McGehee. "And you cannot solve those problems with the same effort that created those problems."

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