National Night Out: Unifying the community - - Jackson, MS

National Night Out: Unifying the community

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Unifying the entire community, one neighborhood at a time - that was the goal for Tuesday's "National Night Out" tour. 

Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis says the community wide partnership started out with thirty neighborhoods and has grown to 50 plus.

Annette Plummer grew up in the Skyline Community.

"This use to be a good neighborhood, no crime or anything," said Plummer. "But over the years that has changed."

Sheriff Lewis also grew up in this community. It was the first stop for the Hinds County Sheriff's Department.

"When you unify a neighborhood and have an organized neighborhood association, you have a lot of ears, you have a lot of eyes and you have unity to watch what's going on in a particular neighborhood,” said Sheriff Lewis.

All evening long, neighborhood watch parties took place throughout Jackson and the metro area.

"Get the neighbors to know each other, meet and greet each other all over again because most of us stay in the house a lot," said Joseph Greer of Skyline.

"When you have visibility and we call our neighborhood just what it says," said Mary Bolela of Carriage Hills. "We are unity, we are family, so when we have National Night Out, we meet our neighbors.

"It helps a lot because all the crime going on right now, we need it," said Marquavious Jones of Georgetown.

Mayor Tony Yarber and the Jackson Police Department also rode through several neighborhoods.

"They galvanize the community, bring people outside the silos of their homes," said Mayor Yarber. "People get to know their neighbors, understand what's going on. This is what it's all about."

"It's the life blood of any police department when it comes to solving crime," said Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance. "We can't do anything without information and the partnership is growing. We know that we need each other in order to maintain safe neighborhoods in this city.”

And although the crime won't stop overnight, Plummer believes combating crime with something positive is a start.

"We want it back like it was before," said Plummer. "There was no crime and we was able to keep our yard and able to walk the street later in the evening without anybody coming through speeding, shooting. I mean, we just want it back"

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