Too many "justified" shootings says law enforcement - - Jackson, MS

Too many "justified" shootings says law enforcement

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HINDS COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Just last month, a south Jackson homeowner shot a car burglar in the face. The shooter was protected under the castle doctrine, but it's one of several incidents concerning law enforcement.

Lewis McGowan of Pascagoula has a permit to carry a gun, and is now receiving the proper firearms training through Police Pro in Hinds county.
It's an 8 hour course, with instruction on how to properly holster, and handle a weapon.

Instructor Juan Cloy, who is also the assistant police chief in Canton, says he's concerned about the recent number of shootings, where citizens are shooting people without hesitation, protected under the castle doctrine.

Cloy says it's not always necessary to shoot someone, even though they may be justified. More shootings of this type mean more guns on the streets, another concern for law enforcement.

"I think we need to take a step back and think about what were doing as it relates to maiming somebody or even taking a life versus property," said Cloy. "If someone's about to harm you or a loved one, then by all means if you feel you need to use that weapon then go ahead, but again, we need to rethink about harming somebody if they're taking some of our property."

With the proper training, firearms experts say it can greatly reduce accidental shootings, and shootings where those protecting their property, could have used other methods, avoiding deadly force.

 For more on Police Pro firearms training, email Police Pro or call 601-715-8110.

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