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Famous faces drill down on the topic of energy

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Oil, gas and nuclear energy, it's all there for the taking in Mississippi.

"Mississippi is a major energy player in the United States," explained Governor Phil Bryant. "The Fraser Institute says we're the second best location to invest in oil and gas."

The Governor's Energy Summit at the Jackson Convention Complex highlighted the wealth of resources. Texas Governor Rick Perry tried to do the same.

"Let's make this happen," Perry said in a speech. "Let's get American energy leading the way."

Both Bryant and Perry stress the need for state-control of energy exploration.

"Many states are blessed," explained Perry."They're blessed to have these natural resources below the soil. But without the leadership, that's exactly where those resources are going to stay."

Perry wants to see the President give the green light to more energy exports.

"It's not that we need a new energy policy,"noted Perry. "It's that we need an energy policy period."

Another side towards energy independence is innovation. John Ratzenberger of Cheers fame and the Made in America series gave his insight on what he believes has to change.

"We're a nation of tinkerers," described Ratzenberger. "That's what built America, kids that grew up tinkering and then came up with an idea."

Governor Bryant agrees that building a workforce to handle jobs in the energy sector will be key in keeping Mississippi on the leader board.

"Very diverse group of energy companies around the state," said Bryant. "20 percent lower energy costs for industry than the rest of the nation. That'll get you more business."

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