New "In the Heat of the Night" series coming from "The Help" dir - - Jackson, MS

New "In the Heat of the Night" series coming from "The Help" director

 Showtime has won the bidding for a new "In the Heat of the Night" TV series from "The Help" and "Get On Up" director Tate Taylor. The Mississippi Native will write and direct.

 Warren LIttlefield and MGM TV are also involved in the project according to a story in Variety.

Taylor will write at least two scripts and direct when the the project begins filming. He will also serve as Executive Producer, with Littlefield and John Norris.

The movie "In the Heat of the Night" starred Sidney Portier and Rod Steiger. It won five Academy Awards, including a best actor oscar for Steiger.

The TV series, set in mythical Sparta, Mississippi, but filmed in Alabama, starred Carroll O'Connor and Howard Rollins, Jr and ran for eight years on NBC and CBS.

According to Variety, Showtime has commissioned multiple scripts with an eye toward straight-to-series order if the scripts are well received.

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