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Making A Difference: R. J. Reynolds and Keep the Reservoir Beautiful

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ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There was a group of people out at the reservoir Making A Difference Thursday. They put in a community service day that their company encourages them to do, helping ‘keep the reservoir beautiful'.

It was a sort of ‘give back to the community day' for these people, all with the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company. Some of them are local, some from Louisiana, some from Texas, all volunteering their time to help clean trash from the Barnett Reservoir.

Josh Harriston lives in Ridgeland and works with the company.

“Once a year the company provides us the opportunity to serve our communities, called ‘Days of Caring,' and reach out to local community volunteer groups and see who will allow us to come out and assist,” said Harriston.

They reached out to the right group, Keep Mississippi Beautiful, and were referred to one of the sub groups, Keep the Reservoir Beautiful, and found a very receptive place to help out.

“We're glad that we have volunteers that want to come help us," said Jeannine May, Director of Keep the Reservoir Beautiful. "And we want to try to keep this reservoir more beautiful.”

Just driving by the Rez you may not notice the litter. But Jeannine says it is a big problem.

“Oh it's constant" said May. "I mean where there are people there is litter and there is trash. And here we're along highway 471 and so we have trash that flows out of the back of vehicles We have trash sometimes that comes out of boats. We have fishermen that leave their plastic fishing worm containers here that we don't like and also we have straight lines that are monofilament line with hooks tied up into some of these trees in these bays that is very dangerous for birds.”

By the way, our crew cleaned up a bunch of set out fishing lines tied to plastic bottles in Pelahatchie Bay. There are places in the Rez where it is legal to jug fish, but not here. I'm sure you can Google a copy of the law if you like to jug fish.

So thanks to the Keep the Reservoir Beautiful group for working year round to make the Barnett a more enjoyable place for the rest of us. And thanks to the volunteers from R.J. Reynolds for coming out and helping out today.

“They're going to Make A Big Difference today,” said May.

And two ways the rest of us can help, Keep the Reservoir Beautiful as well as Keep Mississippi Beautiful can always use volunteer groups to help clean up. And we can also stash our trash in the first place so it won't become litter to begin with.

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