Bed bug claim at Jackson Regency Hotel - - Jackson, MS

Bed bug claim at Jackson Regency Hotel

Source: Elvin Dowling Source: Elvin Dowling
Source: Elvin Dowling Source: Elvin Dowling
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Two hundred students with the National Association of African American Honors Programs are at Tougaloo College in Jackson for competitions. Some of them have been staying at the Regency Hotel on Greymont Avenue. One of them shot video of what they claim is a bed bug crawling across the bed at the hotel.

"Our students checked into the Regency Hotel, and what we found essentially was a nightmare. The nightmare began with bed bugs," says Program Director Elvin Dowling. "I know of at least seven rooms where there's a bed bug problem."

The students planned to take a specimen they collected to the State Department of Health and file a complaint. We confirmed that the Department had received the complaint, and is investigating. 

Some of the students discussed what they saw and heard from other students.

"I know my roommate says he did find one crawling against the wall," says Jordyn Hawkins-Rippie. 
"Actually a dead bug on the side of the shower that needed to be cleaned yesterday," says Malik Jones

There are still pictures too. A still picture of a bed bug crawling on a blanket is what the hotel's manager, Shirley, says is proof that the picture was not taken at the Regency Hotel. Shirley says the bedding at the Regency is different than the bedding in the picture. She and the hotel owner, Jenny Ju, suggested to us that the students brought the bed bugs in, and told Dowling the same thing. 
"They began it by saying maybe you're the problem, not us," Dowling recalls of his conversation with the hotel proprietors.

The students are looking for a new place to stay Friday night.

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