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Career criminal back on the streets in Jackson

Source: JPD Source: JPD
Source: JPD Source: JPD
Source: JPD Source: JPD
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - A Jackson house burglary suspect is back on the streets. He was caught earlier this week, but released.

"He's a thorn in our side and we will continue to be on the lookout for him," said Police Chief Lee Vance.

Nineteen-year-old Frank Williams has a long rap sheet. Most recently arrested by Jackson Police Thursday in what was thought to be connected to a house burglary. However, Chief Lee Vance says the career criminal had to be released.

"We did not have a sufficient amount of evidence to charge him with, said Vance. "And we are not going to charge people unless we have a sufficient amount of evidence to do so. So, we did what we were supposed to do, we released him."

Back in May, Williams had an outstanding warrant for aggravated assault charges. Jackson Police believed he shot a victim multiple times during a house burglary. Police finally tracked him down, he was locked up in June and charged.

Chief Vance says there has been a significant decrease in house burglaries in south Jackson. One resident who doesn't want their identity released agrees.

"I would say as far as I know they are, because I haven't heard of anything so far in our area and everything looks good right now," said the south Jackson resident.

"The credit should go to our community who calls us and gives us information about when people are lurking around in the neighborhoods," added Vance. "They actually call and tell us when these burglaries are in progress. And our patrol division has done an excellent job of having short response times and many occasions getting out there and catching these people in the act."

Right now Williams is indicted on two armed robbery charges, four house burglary charges and one aggravated assault charge.

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