Freeman gets 60 years for killing his wife and another man - - Jackson, MS

Freeman gets 60 years for killing his wife and another man

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Jessie Freeman, the man convicted of killing his wife and her friend, was sentenced Tuesday in Hinds County. He will spend the next 60 years behind bars for the two deaths.

A jury convicted Freeman just last month of manslaughter and depraved heart murder.

"You don't deserve any sympathy," said Allen Ramsey's wife. "You're heartless and you deserve to be in jail the rest of your life."

 "The day this incident happened I was supposed to ask him to walk me down the isle," said  Ramsey's sister. "You took that away from me."

The two pleaded for Jessie Freeman to receive the maximum sentence after a jury convicted Freeman back in September of depraved heart murder in the death of Allen Lee Ramsey. The jury also convicted freeman of manslaughter in the death of his wife Lenora Freeman.

Before the sentence was handed down, Freeman's son told Judge Jeff Weill, his dad is a good man and begged for him to have mercy on his father.

"I've seen nothing about this case which compels me to grant you mercy," said Judge Weill. "You senselessly and selfishly gunned down two people in the streets of Jackson, all in the presence of your young daughter."

Back in 2012 Freeman says he was unable to find his wife for several days after an argument. He went looking for her and four her and Allen Ramsey leaving a Jackson motel in Freeman's truck.

Freeman told the jury Ramsey looked like he was reaching for a gun. In self defense of he and his daughter he pulled a gun firing shots which led to a car wreck off I-55.

Freeman showed no emotion as his sentence was handed down, however a close friend thought the sentence was too harsh.

"I don't think it was fair," said Doris Anderson. "Because if someone pointed a gun at my kid and he is 25 years old, I would kill him in a heartbeat."

"I'm relieved he's not going to hurt nobody else like he hurt us," said Lenora Freeman's mother.

Freeman did receive the maximum sentence. Judge Weill sentenced him to 20 years for the manslaughter conviction and 40 years for the depraved heart murder conviction. The two sentences will run consecutively.

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