Caravan for immigrants hits capitol city - - Jackson, MS

Caravan for immigrants hits capitol city

Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
Source: WLBT Source: WLBT
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -  They're crossing the US to bring awareness to issues facing immigrants crossing into our country at the Texas border. They hope their bright colored bus catches your attention, so they can share their message.

Nearly a dozen members of the National Caravan in Solidarity with Children and Families at the Texas and Mexican Border rolled in to town Tuesday afternoon.They're headed to the Texas border, to highlight the increasing numbers of those entering the country.

"We want legalization status of all documented immigrants that are already here," said caravan member Ana Maria Cardenes. "And we want students to be able to get in state tuition for those that are here."

Members of the Caravan visited with representatives of the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance Tuesday. They're bringing awareness of militarization at the Mexican border in Texas, and human rights struggles for immigrants in every town they stop in.

"Change this policy to a more human policy where we welcome people because these people are not coming here to take jobs, not the jobs you take," added Cardenes. "They're jobs nobody in the US will do so they're not really taking anything from us."

"Once they get here to the border they have detention camps and they apply GPS tracking devices," said Pablo Blanco, whose family roots trace back to Honduras. "That's what compelled me to come. I could have been one of those children."'

At the Texas border they will meet up with other human rights activists, for several days of protests, supporting rights for immigrants.

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