Customers say they were scammed at used car lots in Byram - - Jackson, MS

Customers say they were scammed at used car lots in Byram

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We have been receiving calls from people who say they've bought cars from local dealerships and have not received their titles. Some say they've been waiting for almost a year.

"I would like to sue and I would like to get my money back," said Chiquita Collins.

Collins says she paid $6,300 cash for her used Camry from Metro Automotive in Byram last year. She filled out her title application but when she went to get her tags they had no title information on file.

"I got everything together by March 1st and it's been 8 or 9 months so it's going on a year March 1st and sill no title,” she explained.

That's when she says she made some startling discoveries.

The man who sold her the car, Jeremy Buie was no longer employed at the dealership because he was accused of auto theft.

"When I went to court in June it was me and about 20/30 more others going through the same situation," explained Collins. "Some people got their cars repossessed.

One of the owners, Martin Perkins, says he could not comment because it was a litigation issue.

Brittany Walker is going through a similar situation. She paid cash for her car from JHDH Vehicle Probe.

"I went down there with the paperwork," said Walker. "I received my tag immediately. I had no indication there was something wrong with the title until I inquired about which was 2 and a half months later, and I'm still waiting on my title."

The owner of that dealership said he was no longer in business.

"I was scammed," explained Walker. "I don't know if he purchased it fraudulently, regardless I need my title."

These ladies are hoping for some sort of solution, but in the meantime they hope their situation will help others be more aware.

"Say I have insurance on my car, if I'm in an accident, God forbid, and it's totaled out, the insurance company would not pay me unless I turn over the title, and here I am with no title," said Walker. "This type of situation really caught me off guard because I never experienced this, but in the future when I want to purchase another vehicle, I will make sure if it's not from a major dealership I will make sure that person has the title on site."

Other car dealerships say, unfortunately, these type of events happen, but they stress to do your research beforehand and check the Better Business Bureau. A lot of times these types of complaints are listed directly on the website.

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