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Hazlehurst parents go to school board as Ebola rumors spread

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HAZLEHURST, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Hazlehurst parents are worried and concerned after a principal's recent trip to Africa. 

Parents fear that the principal will expose their children to the Ebola Virus. 

Those concerns led hundreds to take their children out of classes. 

State Health and school district officials said those fears are based on misinformation and their children are not at risk.

After hundreds of parents removed their children from the middle school after hearing rumors about the principal, panic then spread to the elementary and high schools.

Later, dozens packed a meeting of the Hazlehurst School Board to find out if their children are at risk of contracting the Ebola Virus. 

Superintendent John Sullivan opened the meeting with a statement from State Epidemiologist Doctor Thomas Dobbs on the principal's health.

According to Dobbs' statement, the State Department of Health's investigation found that there is absolutely no risk of Ebola contact based on the school administrator's travel history.

"His itinerary did not put him in contact with any areas in the continent of Africa that may have provided him with any contact to the virus that we're concerned about," said Superintendent Sullivan.

The school administrator traveled to Zambia and not west Africa.

"It's a scary situation to me," said concerned parent Shenetha May who also pulled her children out of classes.

May was on the agenda to discuss a lack of school books but wanted to hear from school officials about her children's possibility of exposure to the virus.

"A lot of parents are saying that they're not gonna let their kids come back until they see proof of him having a clean bill of health," said May. "I would like to see that same document saying that he has a clean bill of health before he comes to this small community because these are our kids. This is our community, and we are concerned and worried about things that go on."

The superintendent asked that parents allow their children to return to classes.

"If the Lord lets me live to see tomorrow, my grandson will be in school if that bus runs."
said Stella Threadgill, who removed her grandson from the Middle School Wednesday. "Now I know we got a problem here. I don't know if that man was in that part of the country of Africa, but I'm gonna pray for him and this school."

Superintendent Sullivan said the principal will remain on vacation for a week so as not to be a distraction to the education process. Some parents are still not sure when they will allow their children to return.

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