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Walt's Look Around: The fall festival of all fall festivals

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I have the privilege of being able to travel with a group of Mississippians who from time to time, instead of Looking Around Mississippi, become Mississippians looking around. The end of September, we struck out on one of our more ambitious trips so far, to Austria and Germany. And although it was Oktoberfest time in Munich, that was just one of our stops.

First, we all trekked to Salzburg, Austria, known for a couple of musical entities. This is where Mozart was born and lived his earlier life. The house where was born is in the old part of Salzburg, still laid out on narrow medieval streets made for oxcarts.

The old wrought iron signs above the streets have been there for hundreds of years, advertising the businesses below, obviously modified as times change. For instance, there's a McDonalds about a hundred yards from Mozart's birthplace.

The Salzburg Cathedral has three dates on it, in the 700s when it was built, the 1600s when it was refurbished, and in the 1950s after it was restored from bomber damage in World War Two. Salzburg is also the setting for the famous Sound of Music.

I was shattered to find that Switzerland ISN'T just over the mountain from Salzburg. Its quite a distance. That was Hollywood magic for the closing credits for the movie.

Two things struck me immediately about the autobahn. One, there's not a scrap of litter on it. No cans, no bottles, no strudel wrappers. And two, you really CAN go as fast as you want to in the left lane.

Munich is a much newer town than Salzburg, built in the 1500s. One of the attractions in late September is Oktoberfest. it's kind of misleading because most of it happens during September.

If you like beer, you'll love Oktoberfest. They serve it by the liter, and get their feelings hurt if any of it is left. The beer is served in what they call tents, set up by any brewer in Munich.

If you don't brew here, you can't serve here. Outside people from all over the world wander between the tents in what one of our travelers termed, “State Fair on Steroids.” I see is as the State Fair, The Neshoba County Fair and antebellum pilgrimage all wrapped up in one city.

Oktoberfest was great for some of our folks. I particularly liked the castles and the mountains and the countryside. But I'd LOVE to get a shot at that left lane on the autobahn sometime.

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