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Mississippi Democrat talks strategy for Senate race

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi Democrats are choosing their strategies carefully.You may have seen them at work without even knowing it.

There's an excitement within the Democratic party.They believe a light at the end of the tunnel may not be as distant as years' past.

Travis Childers' first ad is set hit the airwaves. Watch it closely and you'll find he never mentions that he's a Democrat. Democratic Trust Executive Director Brandon Jones said that was intentional.

"The feeling was don't put any type of jersey on other than the state of Mississippi when you introduce yourself," explained Jones.

It's a short spot, 30 seconds. Childers gives a rundown of his personal history and political philosophies.

"It's important," Jones described. "It may look vanilla but it actually does a great job of introducing who he is as a person and ultimately who he would be as a senator."

Childers' supporters have said from the start that one of his challenges would be name recognition in central and south Mississippi. He's a north Mississippi guy born and bred.

Jones thinks the climate is right for Dems to hold the Senate seat. But he knows that will come from some folks voting for the person, not party.

"Travis is going to get a lot of Republican votes," said Jones. "He's going to get a lot Republican votes and it's going to come primarily from this group that's still wondering why their sitting Senator spent the last several months avoiding them."

A nasty Republican primary is something the Democrats will use to their favor too.

"I think the opportunities there and I think that Senator Cochran has turned off some folks who in the past might've given him the benefit of the doubt," explained Jones.

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