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Mississippi gun owners fighting to keep their rights

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Certified firearms instructor Rick Ward knows last year's big debate was about open carry. That prompted no firearms signs on buildings across the state. Ward says they are ignoring those who can legally carry a gun.

"Cities and counties are imposing standards, laws or ordinances and resolutions that violate state law," Ward argued. "And there's where we have the problem."

A bill passed this legislative session allowing citizens to file complaints and ask those locations to remove the signs. More than 30 have been filed since the law took effect.

"In one way you say well maybe it's arrogance, maybe it's ignorance," said Ward. "I don't really know which is the case. You've got cities and counties that are not complying till they're forced to do so."

Some places like the town of Florence are stilling trying to get questions answered. Their attorney requested an opinion from Attorney General Jim Hood last month. The topics are all about clarifying the application of gun laws.

Traffic stops were also mentioned. That's a point Ward is especially concerned about.

"We're not a threat to police officers just because we carry a gun," he said.

We made a call to a man who believes his rights were violated. He doesn't want to be identified. But tells us he was pulled over by Pearl Police for speeding. The officer asked if he had a gun. When he said yes,the officer took it and unloaded it in the backseat of the man's SUV. That man tells us he is a permit holder and feels like those actions were unnecessary.

"A lot of people are concerned, will get concerned and will get involved," explained Ward.

Ward expects the gun rights community will rally around the latest issue and push for legislative changes if necessary.

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