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Ebola scare at Jackson's bus and train station proven false alarm

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) - Early Sunday morning Greyhound bus and Amtrak train passengers received quite a scare when passengers found out someone had arrived on a bus from Dallas to Jackson exhibiting Ebola-like symptoms.

A local business owner told us he showed up at the downtown Jackson bus station around 7:50 a.m. Sunday headed to Tuscaloosa, AL. The business owner said the bus pulled up and the sick male on the bus told him he'd been treated by or had been in contact with two Ebola patients from Dallas. We're told the sick passenger was taken off the bus and put in an ambulance. He was taken to UMC.

We spoke to Gary Pettus, UMC spokesperson, and he said "We had someone transported to UMC today and that person was interviewed and examined. There is no one with Ebola."

Our witness said the bus was taken away.

We were told a police officer got the passengers' information and let them go.

Another witness we spoke to, who did not want to be identified, is a La. resident who was leaving Jackson via Amtrak and heading back to New Orleans on Sunday.

The man told us, "When I showed up, I wasn't allowed inside the Amtrak station. People came out and said the station was closed because someone had been exposed to Ebola."

The man said the train was scheduled to be late.

"An announcement was later made that the train wasn't going to stop in Jackson at all," the man said.

"I'm guessing because no one knew for sure," the man added.

The man said he'll have to find another way back to New Orleans.

He did say Amtrak called him saying a bus was on stand-by to take passengers to their destinations, but he declined. 

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